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Bleach 536 has been released.


AAAAAAaaa what a teaser it should be illegal to end the chapter in this teasing way I hate that how am I going to sleep now huh. HUH? But this chapter was great I love d it . Actually all the recent chapters are pretty good all interesting and on top of that really well made(drawn) I really thought that this story will be too much but Kabo totally proved me wrong. I stand corrected.

 But things are really falling to their places now. I love that all the little things that used to boater me in the story are making now so much sense I love that. I totally dig this chapter was awesome. And I really like that romantic story about Ichigo's parents. They are both so funny. Hah  “you shoudn't be acting like that when you are necked' hah almost died from laughter.

  Ou and everything makes so much sense now Ichigo had the hallow inside of him all along, and the shinigami powers too and probably the quency too. I only felt a little sorry foe the Ishida the poor bastard no love for him still he has the maid so he is not in that bad position too.

 So? Thought?

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