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No way. Ishida take of your moms withe curtain and go home, you traitor you. What do you think you are doing. People calling you a subject and shit. That king they talked about is probably that mustache guy right, he is responsible for Ichigo's mom death. And for a lot others including the old man. But what the hell happened with Kempach we haven't seen him in a few chapters. Btw did you see how the drawing are bociming more and more beautiful, the one at page 13 is fantastic.

In the perspective that  Katagiri really is Uryuu's mother, which isn't surprisingly since everyone predicted that. But I hardly believe that Ishida is all happy and cherefull and ready to help the mustache bastard for that you for killing his  mom.  And that Something about Juha Bach's "blood flowing in every Quincy" is kinda disturbing... and creepy. So that is why he called Ichgo his son born in darkness. I what are the odds of someone like Ichigo to be born, I believe they are really small he is has half of every posible power that one can posses. And do you realize that every time you think ohhh Ichigo is cool or sexy you are actually saying Strawberry is cool (or sexy) and strawberries are nothing but delicious.

Anyway cool chapter, I liked it. I'm glad the flashback is over. Thought's?

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