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Bleach 538 has been released.

Cool chapter, we can see a lot of the characters in this chapter, but all for a very little. In all Soul society is sure preparing for war. All are doing the best that they can. Hitsugaya is starting his training again.

  But the Ichigo part was the most awesome like every time. Did you see the asachi he choose. And all of them were banding their knee to him, that is some shit. Even the afro hair was surprised, something has really changed in him. I can't wait to see what is next. But probably, we will have to wait a little wile till we can see that. 

 Don't disrespect Tousen my ass.... he was an enemy.. no wonder i don’t like chars like Hisagi, Hinamori.. they just don't know when to stop calling them ppl as captains... Oh and that Ojiji such a huge bear, dog or whatever. Seems like we will find in the next chapters.

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What happens next?

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