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Panels ruined with Oomeadas. And what's with that saying goodby to Zangetsu, maybe  a  Quincy bow coming. That is very likely, but let us not forget that Ichigo is a shinigami too so he has to have a zampacto. And I always liked Zangetsu :( 

 This chapter was not bad at all but somehow I'll like them better if they are just about one person not of all of the soul society and all of the captains, tat way I get confused. I would really prefer if they the Ichigo story is first.

 And what is up to the creepy 12 squad captain Kurochichi he always was such a creep, only god knows what is he up to now. Something related to what he found in Hueco Mundo no doubt. And where did Kempach disappear to, we haven't seen him in ages.

 As for Sajin, I think that in the end one way or another he will be able to pursuit his great grand father to teach him the family secrets. The funny thing about him is that I always thought that he is a giant fox, and now I think that he probably is a dog.

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What happens next?

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