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I must say i'm impressed to think zangetsu is that old man.So Hllow Ichigo was and always will be Ichigo's zanpaktou. So the similarities between Zangetsu and Juha Back are true. I don't think I get it in the end who the hell is Zangetsu is it Juha Back or is he a whitey, or someone else. When it comes to Icigo's powers it is really complicated. Is now the crazy capitaim maiking him perhaps a new sword.  

 This chapter felt to damn short.

Current guess on what the hell is going on with Ichigo's powers...

  When the hollow became Ichigo's Zanpakuto, its composition allowed it to act as a Asuachi, whitch in turn allowed Ichigo to use his Zanpakuto without a real one (thus solving the question how Ichigo has been able to use one from the start of the series). But this thing was still a hollow, and it wanted Ichigo's body and soul. It couldn't act like a Zanpakuto yet despite being one really.

  So then comes the Old Man, he takes the power (borrows it more so) and pretends to be the real Zangetsu. He teaches Ichigo how to use this power while the real Zangetsu (the hollow) battled for control due to its hollow side being dominant.

  Hell, maybe this is how its been from the start. The hollow was the source of both the Zanpakuto and hollow powers, but due to its hollow nature, could not fullfill the duty of the Zanpakuto half. So the old man borrowed that power so he could teach Ichigo and thus conquer the hollow part. And now that the hollow is going to be reforged into a real Zanpakuto, the Old man no longer needs to be in that position and can return to his original state of being.

  This state of being as the representation of Ichigo's Quincy side, which looks like Bach from 1000 years ago.

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What happens next?

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