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Bleach 541 has been released.

Seriously.... this has got to be the shortest Bleach chapter EVER. Or at least it felt that way. Come ON.

 And am I the only one whose respect for Zangetsu(fake!Zangetsu/Young!Juha/WHATEVER) just exploded into the stratosphere?

 I mean, Shinigami and Quincy seem to come across as mortal enemies and all that and whichever way one looks at it, poor, poor Ichigo. In roughly few days he witnessed Soul Society turning into wreckage, lost his bankai, learned the truth behind his mother's death and then had some stranger tell him that somebody whom he trusted pretty much from the beginning was actually at the same time wearing the face of his worst enemy and was in some hardly explainable way him. And what's worse, later it turns out that this fake!Zangetsu was really just trying to help Ichigo, protect him from the pain and suffering and all that and by the time that particular story finished the look on my face.

And now I can't forgive myself because I'm just so damn curious what the real Zangetsu is capable of and at the same time I don't want the old man gone. This is just not fair!

Shouldn't the real zangetsu be his inner hollow?

 Yep the real Zangetsu is his inner hollow what the afro guy did was forge his Shinigami powers to be 100% that required him to purify him of his quincy power's as the fake zangetsu explained he had been holding back Ichigo's powers and Ichigo was only ever to use a part of it which explains why he wasn't able to use anything else then getsuga tenshou.

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What happens next?

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