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Bleach 542 has been released.

Wow cool chapter. I liked the names too “I and the blade” and  “I’m the blade”. Exactly what happened.

 In the end though Zangetsu 2 wanted to stand away Ichigo accepted the both of them as his power i think this was for the best and I'm glad it went this way it seems he can/most likely access his quincy ability's as well hopefully  this was worth the wait although I'm a little disappointed i wanted him to meet white zangetsu. But that 2 swords sure look awesome. I can't wait to see them in action Ichigo got to have a new bankai as well. I would love to see that like always a major power up. 

 The only thing that I wonder about is if he can use a bowl like the other quincy cuz we saw that he can use their other powers. And Why Juch Back  why of all people does it have to be him, was it because his mother is a pure blood, does every quency have a little Juha batch in himself that would be really wired. With bleach is always like that Kubo answers one question and creates 5 more. 

 Oh and one more thing, where does he get that monster amount of reiatsu, that is the thing that has been bugging me since the begging, and kind of reminds me of Kempachi, why the hell does he have so much reiatsu? Anyway what did you think? Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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