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Bleach 543 has been released.

What the fuck is Uriuu thinking? Uryuu will be juha bach's successor, which means that he'll be getting powered up to ichigo's level. It seems ichigo wasn’t the only one to get a big power boost i cant wait to see whats going to happen and how this is going to lead up later on,  most likely, fight. I'm getting kind of tired with these chapters all of them have been non stop talking and would cover 3/4 minutes in an episode. i want more pages or less talking. And This presentation of the new villains is kind of starting to get on my nerves.

 What i want to know is, are all the quincy in the army dead? Because it sure seems like that’s the route they are taking this. What did he mean he is the only quency left there is his father too right. Somehow I fell like he is the only one pure blood left, kill me if I'm wrong but I think Ichigo and Uryuu are blood related. Uryuu's dad is the guy that Ichigos mother didn't marry right and they were cousins witch would mean that Ichigo and Uryuu are cousins too.

 Next chapter better be 18/19 pages and back to Renji, Rukia and Byakuya or kenpachi/ichigo/unohana. Or there are gonna be a lot more disappointed people.

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