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Bleach 544 has been released.

The new chapter is out, and somehow I'm not impressed. From the start I thought that Juha bach was doing that on purpose because he wants Urio to be straight in his lines, he for sure know the past that he has with the shinigamis and Ichigo. But that got me wonder what happened 8 years ago, I guess we will find out in the next 5 chapters flashback hahaha like always.

 I'm really starting to feel sick of all that introductions of the quencis. But for luck in the one panel that actually had some meaning we saw that Urohara is making his move. We know that he have Inue and Chad and some mysterious person we all hope is you know who (Grimmjow). I really would like to know what is he up to.  But for me it looks like Urahara's figuring out how the quincy steal bankai. I'm guessing it's got something to do with the quincy absorbing reishi ability, but we'll see.

 So far no sign of Ichigo and his new powers, I think that we will be able to see them after a lot of chapters in some fight. And I really hope that Kubo is not going to cut all shinigami chapters and panels.

 Each chapter 5 new crazy girls enter the manga. And this time they’re all weird. Btw that chick was the one who called the boy to her room, and then wtf happened?? I thought I saw her zipping her uniform after it, but maybe she didn't want to get blood all over if. No matter soon the shinigami's are gonna walk right through them, I would love if the zero squad joins the battle those dudes are super powerful.

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What happens next?

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