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Bleach 546 has been released.

Actually i think it felt longer than usual. i liked this chapter it felt like a comic relief , glad we got back to the royal palace. Well we finally see what Rukia and Renji are doing. Byakuya is up and about now, will they have to reforge his blade as well? Anyway I'm glad he made it alive I awemost thought that he was a gonner when he lost that fight. Also is that weaving lady making them new clothes? I'm way interested in that, i wonder what it will do to their abilities. I wish we would have got to see Ichigo in this chap. What is he up to and his new powers I defenetly want to see that in the next chapter.

Why is the Captain Commander coming to the human world and meeting with Ichigo's friends in person? It sounded like he was going to tell them about the war with Quincies... but for what purpose?  Or maybe Ichigo will become a Zero Squad division member, Kubo did drop a lot of hints of Ichigo being Zero Squad level, but for sure it has to be something important since he came himself.

  Kubo really needs to show us if its Grimmy coz that wont be a surprise anymore... anyways. Anyway cool chapters I can't wait for the next one.

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