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Bleach 547 has been released.

Sooooooo finally the new Bleach chapter is here. We sure waited a lot for this 19 pages. But if we have to be honest the chapter I good I liked it. At the beginning we saw Ichigo (FINALLY) and his new weapons, and he looked pretty much bad ass. Then out of nothing the quincis attack soul society once again. And now we know how they do it. Some place they created in the seretei. Called shadows. And that is how they manage to invade gotey 13 in the first place. Kurochichi of course got it and modified his personal lab not to have shadows wearing some Halloween costume.


And now the fight has begun again the quincis went on to attack all the captains it looks like they want to finish of the battle quickly. I am really happy right now because that is defenetly a chance to see all captains new powers and most of all I want to see Kempachi and Ichigo.


So the long awaited new chapter finally here, what do you think?