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Bleach 549 has been released.

Puuuuuuuuuuh im glad that Kubo seemes to take this a little more serious now.
Just remembering how he killed the Top-Espadas before the Captains could fight them... ... *cynism off*.

Good thing that the Heat-Sternritter is still standing. Very realistic.
He was knocked out with those two other Sternritters who ambushed Genryuusai like idiots.
But he was the only one getting up on his feet later while the others seemed to have 'rested' for a longer period.
Because he could block Genryuusai's Shikai with his own Heat-immunity (thanks to his ability)
and the Defensive-Bloodability together.

Dont know how strong Toushiros and Matsumotos "Double-Shikai" is but since Yamamoto was presented as such an Overkill through the whole series, it would be kinda silly if Toushiro could end the Heat-Sternritter with just one attack.
Not that I think that he can defeat him at all. Toushiro is fu**ed.
Looks like this defensive Bloodability can be far superior to the Arrancars Hierro.

At least Sternritter got a fricking high level. Ichigo overpowered this Hunter-Captain a**hole in Hueco Mundo completely but was still unable to finish him off, because of that defensive Bloodability.
And we know that Toushiro is just a cold fart in the wind compared to Hybridchigo.
He got no outstanding Kidoskills, Flashstepskills or Hakudaskills. His only forte was his Bankai and he doesnt got that anymore. He is as good as dead.

Maybe the Vizards can hold them off for longer. Or maybe the Fullbringer will intervene.
But most of all im glad that Kubo didnt gave Bleach another major kick in the balls.
He does that way too often since Ichigo vs Ulquiorra on the top of Las Noches.