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Bleach 550 has been released.

Shit shit shit I there I thought for a week that the captains actually made a huge progress and new the queencis are fucked. Well played Kubo, well played. That is some turn of events, things are getting very very interesting. So in the end I see Kubo intends to have someone save them after all...................That's if he doesn't plan to kill them.


Hhahahaha I will LOL so bad when Kenpachi aperes out of the bloom and starts kinking their asses and if Ichigo joins the party even better. I hope Hitsugaia is ok. But Kurochichi is simply killing me from laughter I love that creepy halloween freak.


I want to see Zaraki Kenpachi already. Last time he killed three of Stern Ritter by himself and now he should have a shikai too.

Someone predicted in another thread that Urahara will save the day by figuring out how the captains can get their bankai back, could be the case..