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Bazz-b totally dominated Shikai Toshiro with ease only using 2 fingers out of 10, even if toshiro recovers his Bankai there's no way he can win, with 2 fingers Bazz b defeated him and Bazz-b Still has Volstandig, As Hashwalt said this is not even a match is total annihilation.


Kuchiki Byakuya is probably getting a new Bankai whilst training at the Soul Kings Palace, Renji is learning how to use his bankai properly at the Kings Palace, Rukia is probably unlocking her Bankai at the Kings Palace and Ichigo.............well..........he's just learning more and more about his abilities and honing his skills even more. And now that Urahara has found a way for everyone to get their Bankai's back he'll probably has found a way to block that technique and has given it to Isshin, Yoruichi, The Wisard's, and will probably give it to Byakuya, Renji and Rukia, and most probably to the Kings Royal guards the squad zero's that technique too.


I wonder if squad zero will join the party too.


Why can't a division captain defeat her/his own Banka and, or Kido? Why can't a more skilled member of the Gotei 13 defeat a lesser skilled member in the circle of strength latter, like a member who is completely familiar with another's fighting style, unlike a quincy before absorbing the shinigami power? I want to think that the quincy cannot absorb more than one Bankai, and Kido at the same time, they would have to relinquish the current ability for the latter ability, a possible key weakness?