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Bleach 552 has been released.
It's out. Urahara saves the day yet again. For now anyway. I like when he outdoes Mayuri. I didn't think Hollows would be a Quincy's poison.
That may be why Whitey's bite was fatal to Ichigo's mom. Good chapter. I was pretty much expecting them to be able to get their bankai back. Toshiro was seconds from dying ... The question is ... since the bankai is "hollowfied" a little, will it be even more effective on quincies since hollow power is their poison? I'm also expecting an appearance soon .. who will it be??
In the end, after the Shinigami start winning, they'll start losing again and Ichigo will arrive. Will be interesting to see how many Quincies fall now that the Shinigami have access to their poison.
Oh oh and the pill was sent to Captains who have a bankai .. so does Omaeda have a bankai or was it for Soi Fon?
Doubtful. He probably recieved to give it to Soin Fon because she was knocked out cold. But if he does have a bankai then I call BS on that unless Rukia has one as well.
Another curious thing about this whole bankai poisoning is the way it was presented. If bankais were completly stolen from their respective users then it wouldn't make any sense to make original owners touch those plot poison pills. This suggests that even though Quincies had stolen certain bankai's, the original owners still retain some sort of connection to it.