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Bleach 554 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Bleach 553 has been released.

Well we all know how this will turn out. Captains will start to win only to lose later on and then Ichigo and the rest come in to save them. Mainly Ichigo. I just want to see what he is capable of already.


I like the look of the completed Daiguren Hyourinmaru. But Toushiro with Hollow Hyourinmaru looked friggin' awesome.


I have seen this scenario before.That guy will probably break out off the ice again similar like how the 3rd Espada break out of Hitsugaya ice flower.I really hope so, or this guy died too early and too easy. At this point idc if it's a captain I like or not, but someone strong/important really has to die... (and not a death with plot purpose like Yama)

Guys, Byakuya is presumably training in the Squad 0 place, which means he's doing even more intense training to make up for his Bankai. When he gets his Bankai back, he's going to be an absolute beast.


So the counter attack now? I wanted the captains to continue to be in trouble so other characters like the Arrancars, the Vizzards, heck even Ganju and the Fullbringers can save them. I want to see other characters besides the Gotai 13. How great would it be if Hitsugaya butt is saved by Harribel. Maybe bad example since last we saw her she was in prisoned, but you get the idea former opponents make the save.