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Bleach 554 has been released.

I knew that Bach didn't mind those bankais getting back to their owners, but the whole point of stealing them is kind of vague...

And does this mean that ice guy is still alive? (though Toshiro is kinda ko, so he'll fight someone else then)


At the end Ichigo Called I wonder what is that about is he not coming. Hahahaha maybe he is the hero type that the quency described. He will wait for a couple of chapter till they destroy and almost kill couple of people and then arrive ? 

Not even Close to a fair fight, Volstandig OP is much more than Bankai, Unless we are talking about Senior Captains like Shunsui and Shinji.

But this chapter has concluded one thing that everyone speculated which is, SR letters= Type of Power and SR Rank, Bambietta said she was the Leader of the Girl SR which says that she is the stronger Girl SR and if you take into account that every other SR is below her Letter wise it makes sense.

This makes bambietta the 5th Strongest SR and if this is anything like the Arrancar Arc then the True Powerfull SR are 1-4