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Bleach 556 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Bleach 555 has been released.

And here comes the hero of the day Ichi-chan fly fly like a bird so you can save your friends! Anyway I kinda knew what he was gonna wear to battle wasn't gonna be either shinigami/quincy clothes. Though, what he's wearing is similar to what he wore in one Bleach anime filler episode... Some Arabian style clothing..

And it does look like our speculation about a constant release shikai was true as well. Except Ichigo seems to like wrapping cloth on the handle... I'm also thinking Ichigo is the last one to leave the Soul Palace. If the stolen bankai return to their owners.. those ones not near the pill had to have been in SS somewhere..

Makes me think that Rukia, Renji and Byakuya had departed far earlier than Ichigo. Either they are still Shunpo-ing their way to SS or they're already there. If the stairs lead to Kukaku's place, they'll probably meet up with the former fullbringers & Ginjo to go to SS.