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Bleach 556 has been released.

For everyone asking if Shinji is dead, he's not. On page 12 at the bottom right panel you can see the right side of his body has not been blown off neither has his captain's haori, so Bambietta's attack did nothing but knock him unconscious. If you ask me Komamura is going to overwhelm Bambietta at the start but she will soon find a weakness or start attacking Hinamori causing Komamura to shield her thus resulting in him being severely damaged making Bambietta start wiping the floor with him and Shinji will save him at the last minute and finish her.


Now on to the real topic, HUMAN! Komamura. Not only does he and the bankai look badass, but apparently he's a hell of a lot stronger too? I must say this chapter was a nice surprised. And finally after so many years, we get an actual explanation as to why he was a wolf. Now I'm really looking forward to the next chapter... curious to know justhow much stronger he has become, and if he'll be able to beat her.


I liked that chapter. Kubo did a good job. Actually I think a lot of the others will get some character development too. Can't wait for the next one.


Anyone thoughts?