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Well just me or if you read the chapters and not knew who the heroes and villains were, you would think Bambietta is the hero and Komamora is the villain, that type of powerup is something I expect from people like the Arrancars, and Bambiette pretty much saying "are you crazy?" (which is funny in its own right, coming from her of all people) is something a hero would say to a villain who is really disregard his life to win.

All and all a good chapter, I like that our heroes are using some villains tactics, two can play at that game, this is war after all. Nice power up given by Kubo to Komamura, i think dangai joue is maximum power of him and his bankai as both are related so when he took out his life, i mean physical heart, his bankai shed his life that is its armor too. Nice touch. I like it very very bad-ass. Thought Invincible? I think That they kind of exaggerated that part just to make it look even more bad-ass.


Anyway Someone better get killed in the next chapter because I really want to see how are the things with the others. Especially Ichigo and Kempachi.