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Bleach 558 has been released.

So the new chapter is out. Some more Senji character development. Don't really like how bambietta was defeat but Komamuras bankai was pretty awesome. So what will happen with him now. Does he die? or will he just be a wolf for the rest of his life instead of half man-half wolf. I think his grandfather used the technique also and thats why hes like that.


And did in the end his grandfather eat his heart. I hope he did not. But REALLY he gave his heart and he get 5 minutes power-up REALLY, this doesn't look fair at all. But I guess Kubo is on the moto “everything comes with a price, dear”. I liked the part where the vice captain comes and says to him that he was right and helps him stand.


Bambietta thought looks really worried I don't thin they will help her out more like consume her powers or something like that. If that is what happens.... well quencis are really really disturbing.


I hope Rukia and Renji get good fights, and how the hell are they there before Ichigo? Anyway good chapter.