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Bleach 559 has been released.
So the Sternreiters is playing a game with the Soul Society of who can putting stupider by killing their own men. First Kenpachi kills Unahand, and now Haschwald kills or at least tries to kill Cang Du and BG9. Gee people I thought in war the enemies kills the soulders, I guess like Haschwald said it does even things out in the world of stupidity.
And this was one chance for Jurabach to show he is different from Aizen, Aizen would have killed them for not being strong enough to surve him, though they don't use that reason for killing them, but still, show us you are different.
Looks like they are trying to show how smilar Kyouraku and Haschwald are, they did the same thing with Kyouraku and Stark. If Stark was still alive, maybe the three of them can have a tea party.
The ending did confuse me, where did that Luchador come from?
Yeah, seems that Haschwald's power is Balance. It like that Fullbringer's power .. the 'Luck' guy. For the odds / scales to always be in your favour. Just like Hirako, I have a feeling Hisagi is playing dead .. lol like saying, I really don't want to fight now. Because if we're seeing Hisagi now, it means he's probably done with his (bankai) training with Kensei and Mashiro.
And about Renji, Rukia (and Ichigo's) clothes, though they look strange, we all know there is a special reason. I mean, if they're made by Shutara, it's gotta be something cool .. Maybe helps with movement enhancing like we saw with Ichigo. Or blocks Quincy ability to seal reishi or something.
Oh here is a little joke "how do you know if a shinigami got a power up; by the new clothes" ha ha ha. That sounded funnier in my head.