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Bleach 561 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Bleach 560 has been released.
I didn't think it was a great chapter, but at the same time I sort of enjoyed it, if for the comedic relief alone. I didn't like Hisagi getting whooped with ease as Kensai pointed out, but that was also the funny part of him mentioning it. A sense of irony of it.
This chapter was simply funny. Not much happened thought. No Rukia. No Renji. No Ichigo. No Kempachi. No nothing.
I knew that Mask De Masculine will be a fun character, but OMG, I didn't see that! So the big luchador draws his powers from the small guy ... I suppose it should be easier said than done to squish the little fellow, eh? Mask De Masculine is incredibly fast when he is cheered for, he seems to be pretty underestimated.
But now, FINALY, we learned Kensei's bankai ability! I have been waiting for that since Wonderweiss! Not bad, Wonderweiss needed Resurrecion againts him. Hope we get to see Rose's bankai and maybe Hisagi's training coming into fruition soon.