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Bleach 561 has been released.
Well this is annoying. What the hell Kubo? "Here, why don't I explain my powers to you, and hopefully you won't do anything to counter it, like put on a pair of ear plugs or bust your drums. It doesn't matter if my bankai doesn't work I'm as defenseless as a baby, and will need Renji to save my sorry ass. Shit why did I tell you ... "
Two captains against this garbage luchador character and they still couldn't win? Now they need Renji to save their asses. If this is the power of Gotey 13 well I wonder how nobody invaded it even sooner.
Dammit Rose haven't you learned from Shinji's mistake? This chapter was okay, it was better than the last one I guess, which is disappointing considering the ones with Komamura were so strong. It was obviously just a way to illustrate how strong Renji has become, which is something that I welcome, although I would have personally liked to see Rukia instead. It actually does baffle me as to why the Vizards are not using their masks? I mean seriously!
Anyway at lest we will get to see some Renji action. And then Rurkia. And THEN ICHIGO. AND THEN KEMPACHIIIIIII.
So even thought this chapter was ridiculous. I look forward for the next ones.
P.S  Renji looks BAD ASS !!!