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Okay, nobody certainly saw James still being alive coming. Why didn't he die? No, the question should be - what is he? He's obviously not your average mook, so he must be... I don't know, something like a homunculus that isn't alive to begin with? A Mod Soul? A manifestation of Mask's Superstar power? He's gotta be something special, or else I'll be very pissed. I mean, Hiyori got cut in half and almost died, but it's a joke for James. Kubo better explain why a goofy nobody who doesn't even fight is tougher than a Visored.


Contrary to what I expected, Rukia follows Renji instead of venturing away to start her own fight elsewhere, but she picks Kensei and Rose up and Flash Steps away. But what about Ikkaku, Yumichika and Hisagi? Does this mean they aren't as badly beaten as Kensei and Rose, so they'll be okay without healing? I hope so. We have yet to see Hisagi's bankai, and maybe Ikkaku and Yumichika have a couple of new tricks up their sleeves. Wait, Ikkaku has no sleeves.


James' cheering heals Mask's eardrums, which explains how he was able to tank Kensei's punches and deafen himself without a second thought. He knew James wouldn't die from getting torn in half... Could it be Renji failed to kill James now, too? If so, a smarter approach needs to be taken. Instead of trying to kill James, just silence him. If Renji was successful, then hopefully Mask will go down shortly cause I'm tired of his ugly mug.


Speaking of Renji, he stops Mask's attacks with his bare hands and zanpakuto, so he probably won't have to use bankai. Would be ironic, considering his last fight with a Stern Ritter. Need to use bankai, but can't, cause they'll steal it? Just undergo special training under Eyeball Monk and return to the battlefield broken as ****. And bankai is for p***ies, anyway.


Not too excited about all this. I wish this pointless fighting ended already so the plot could move.