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Bleach 563 has been released.
RENJI'S face when James came back to life again ...... PRICELESS.
But seriously won't this guy just die already.? Will we now see renji's bankai is Wow, I'm really getting annoyed by this guy and his constant "star" saying. I'm pretty sure James is still alive even after Renji tricked him into blasting all those mini-James. It was interesting at first, but his personality just rubs me the wrong way, plus it shouldn't take this long to deal with someone like him.
Wait. Renji had plot development since the Save Rukia arc when we got flashbacks to his and Rukia's past? Last I checked, Renji exists for the sole purpose of being the Robin to Ichigo's Batman.
No seriously. When was the last time we explored any aspect of Renji's personality, goals, desires, needs, history, beliefs, etc. beyond "I must get stronger"? I'm literally unable to remember a single instance in which the story engaged with Renji as a person with a unique personality instead of a cardboard cutout. Heck he's not alone, same goes for Rukia, and I think Kubo has literally forgotten Orohime, Chad and Uryuu exist.
Anyways. That chapter was as mind-numbingly bad as I guessed it would be. Nothing happened other than Kubo stalled for another couple weeks. I'd figured Mask was finally dead and we could move on, but why do that when we can revive him with no explanation for the 4th or 5th time?