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Bleach 565 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Bleach 564 has been released.

So Renji got his true bankai Not as awe inspiring as it once was, but it's far more efficient now than it ever. Besides, he barely gained his bankai since the SS arc. We know it takes years to prefect a bankai, so it's finally perfected. It was pretty cool and Renji won for once in his life! 

Mask FINALLY (unless Kubo still trolling) defeated. We got to know Mask and James are one and the same, which explained the whole regenerating. But seeing Renji slice Mask in half and burn to cinders, I don't think he's coming back. Not to mention Mask completely lost his cool with all the F-bombs he sprouted making him the "villain". Though I still think Kubo messed up showing Renji's bankai own Quincy: Vollständig Mask because two captains in bankai state couldn't beat Mask in regular state. Hm. 

And we finally know Ichibei's title! Me and a friend joked about his title "monk of perception" meaning some type of truth about something, and hey! Our little theory was right. So he named most of SS, zanpakuto, and the title of shikai and bankai. I wonder what sense of conjuncture does he have with Oetsu who made Asuchi's. Kubo, you keep leaving more questions about the history of how the current system of SS and the Royal Realm came to be, as well as what and how this affected Shinigami throughout the 2000+ years and the current Quincy. Kubo, you're doing a great job on this aspect, so don't blow it when the revelations start coming out.

So although it was predictable chapter, it was good for answering some more questions and leaving plenty more.Next is Rukia I can't wait !