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Bleach 566 has been released.

Renji and Nanana scene was good. He actually thought it was a trap lol. Looking forward to their fight. The guy seems strong. Renji sleeping in the middle of enemy territory, that is gusty, or just plan stupid. I see why Nanana was so puzzled, I would also puzzled by that.

Rukia taking on As Nodt; did she insinuate she was fearless or was it just pointing out As Nodt's fear? The idea of Rukia defeating him seems ludicrous, but since Rukia and Renji power ups are astronomical, I guess it may as well happen. I do also prefer it to happen, rather than some cheesy rescue by Byakuya who should still not be at 100%. Though seeing his hollowfied bankai would be nice.

Ichigo should be arriving soon, I hope.

Also, where's Kenpachi? Kubo how can you hold someone out for so long when it's the type of guy always itching for a fight. I would understand it if he was lost for an entire day looking for someone strong but was only finding fodders