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Bleach 567 has been released.

So the new chapter is out!


Rukia's new powers are bad ass, and on a whole different level too. So shirayuki possessed this kind of a power all along.


Also she didn't seems to have difficulties with his opponent as renji did nor did she even use bankai either,i wonder if she even have one.


Anyway her new abilities of her zanpaktou is pretty decent. Well first Renji now Rukia, she got a win the first time in a long a while. At least I hope so, can't a female protagonist win a fight in Bleach for the first in forever. Or is sexist Kubo going to troll her, and have As Nobt going to get up and Rukia is going to have to be saved by a man again?


Oh and remember how Hitsugaia once said he has the strongest ice-type zanpakuto? Somehow I don't believe that anymore.

But yeah, As Nodt will break free with his Vollständig. So maybe we will get to see Rukia achieve Bankai. Or maybe will have to watch her getting rescued, again.