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Wow As Nodt. I seriously thought he was a Arrancar after that transformation. Best looking Vollständig yet! As Creepy as it can get. I love it. No wonder he is fear.
Well I'm disappointed Kubo cannot have Rukia win a fight on her own terms and needs saving ... again ... but, I applaud Kubo for making her beat As Nodt in shikai state. I would like to see * if * she has / had bankai, but I think giving her that much of a powerup in the time span would of been a little too easy. Then again, could Ichibei simply tell Rukia her bankai's name? Hm. And at the same time, it didn't really look like Vollständig As Nodt owned Rukia, in my opinion. She looked a bit overwhelmed before As Notdt was to strike before Byakuya showed up. Didn't get any time to see if Rukia could hold her own on a transformed As Nodt. Oh well ...
Okay chapter. With all the cool clothing, I still want to know what Senjumaru has created to benefit Soul Society. My guess she created the garments the Shinigami wear like the Shihakushō and Captains haori.