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Bleach 570 has been released.
So the new chapter is out. Finally when Byakoya is actually helping Rukia. He is not fighting her own fights but letting her fight on her own. But her Bankai was pretty cool comes with a ice princess outfit. I wonder if this puts her zanpakuto over Toshiro's, thought he said that he owns the strongest ice zanpakuto. 
Man, that guy got some crazy power. Depend on how Kubo handle it, that guy can be really dangerous. I can stab you and make you forgot that I did that because I don't exist and then I can stab you again because you screw you. 
Well, there's gotta be some weakness. 
But even if he doesn't, we all know what this means. You mess with Kusajishi, you'll get Kenpachi. 
That V guy will be a disposable character, easy kill for Kenpachi. 
What a way to make an entrance.