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Bleach 571 has been released.
Not a great chapter, but interesting none the less. Tons of Guenael's explanation of his powers, but at least it was to the readers and not to the characters. I'm honestly sick and tired of that type of literary device. No one in their right mind would openly explain their pros and cons to an enemy when life and death are on the line. The memory of the Rose / Mask fight will forever come to mind when the topic comes up. So as much as there was way too much explanation, at least it was rhetorical.
I didn't mind Guenael himself, actually. I thought he'd be crazy considering his outward design, but he seemed like a very logical being, which explained his whole reasoning of his powers and admiration for those who do follow it. Much like Isane reaction to his powers, and Yachiru going against his reasoning of the situation. I do find his powers to be more annoyance than "powerful" by comparison to the other Sternritters. But then again, each Sternritter's is not based on power level, but abilities by the letter they are given. So it is sort of nice Kubo is showing the wide range of powers the Sternritters have as well.
Yachiru ... oh my ...
I'm happy Kubo finally did something with her instead of hanging around Kenny all the time. We've seen spurts of her reishi and abilities throughout the series showing she is way more than appears. And Kubo didn't disappoint on this aspect either. It felt a little too similar to the Kenpachi / Kaname fight with the "Strategy vs. Instinct" scenario, but maybe that was the point seeing as Yachiru is like Kenny. And her zanpakuto, Sanpo Kenjū ... me likely. Very scary in terms of appearance and fitting of Yachiru's personality. Nothing scarier in horror films than the children.
And I also like that its not only captains that can take on Sternritters. I like that a lieutenant can hold their own, seeing as I feel like Kubo has neglected their usage for awhile now. If we're going to get more bankai reveals, then why not more shikai reveals and usage from lieutenants? Which is another interesting aspect as since most of the characters bankais got stolen, more characters have re-trained their shikai's to more maximum effectiveness. This makes it so more characters who have been using bankai way more than shikai (like Renji, Byakuya, Ichigo for examples), changes things up. Makes the character more powerful by upping up their shikai usage, and making bankai truly devastating as their final form. A character who uses bankai 24/7 just takes the thrill and awe factor away from the form.