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Bleach 572 has been released.
Imagine that you messed with the wrong person.
Imagine that you are in big shit now.
Imagine that Kempachi will kick your little imaginative ass.
Let's see first and foremost Gwenael Lee is dead! Well i don't give a damn about it. Why? Well is abilities sounded interesting but after all the nonsense of constantly being injured by little Yachiru i see it. He had a interesting power but he sucked in using it and by the hierarchy of the sternritters this guy actually belongs to the weakest part of the quincy army so i saw is end coming at a fast rating pace. True i did not expected to see him killed by a comrade-in-arms supposedly but quincies killing their own should be no surprise at this point.
For me it is really shocking that Kensei and Rose are dead, I dont want to believe that. Probably they are not only that guy is making them imagine that they are, witch in a way makes no scene. Why would he just stand and watch and let them live when he can kill them on spot.
Anyway he does have some interesting powers. I hope in the end the other guy returns (probably half dead) and finishes him off.
I'm so glad to see Kempachi again. YAY!