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Bleach 574 has been released.
When Kenpachi came in he was transcended, when he started facing Gremmy he said that why didn't he say that the skin is stronger than steel, during that he had downgraded his reiatsu below anything impressive in order to fight Gremmy, so the fodders didn 't notice it before because it was dimension above and dimensions below i'm guessing. Now he's at the shinigamis level so they notice it?
The thing is that when Kenpachi killed Unohana, Unohana said that Kenpachi won't really be able to enjoy fighting anymore. that's why his eyepatch is probably useless and he only wants to try and get a fight out of Gremmy but because he can now just get stronger whenever he wants I don't think this fight is going to give anything to Kenpachi ... The only real rival he has is Yhwach and sparring partners like Ichigo and Byakua.
Anyways, I'm glad zaraki is bossing that lil snot and yachiru is back to normal. It seems like the moment Gerremy stops imagining something it is back to the way it originally was. I came to this thought when I saw Yachiru is back to normal.
Not bad chapter after all. I can't wait to see the next one.