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Bleach 575 has been released.
So Gremmy is sort of a creeper, but he's like Kenpachi enjoying his fight like a maniac.
Now this is finally going somewhere. So in the next chapter things are finally going to get real. Gremmy's technique is formidable however it should have it weaknesses or limitations. Especially with Zaraki.I think that Gremmy needs to touch him in order to have his fantasies take direct effect on him, and not just attack from distance.
He touched both Kusajishi and the injured Visored Captains, thus Yachiru ended up having cookie bones and how the Captains died. And Zaraki is removing his eyepach witch for sure means he is death serious.
I didn't quiet enjoy that machinegun attack, especially against Zaraki couple of bullets are not a big deal for him. Thought he received some damage. But for now he is in control in this battle. He managed to get Yachiro out of the way and to make Jeremmy serious in the fight.
I'm really starting to wonder how things are gonna go down. Will Kenpachi use bankai, and that Geremmy dude he has a power up as well, he can use that shit. But Probably Kenpachi is going to corner him first.