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Bleach 576 has been released.
NOZARASHI!!! The one word that made the manga the coolest chapter in this arc!
So Kenpachi had this guy beat, but he pulled him back so he can have mroe fun. Well I still think Kenpahci will win, but hopefully learn a lesson not to do that again. So Gremmy more or less is on Yamamoto level since he can destroy Seireitei in a single attack.
And this guy hasn't even unleash his Vollstanding yet. The strongest indeed.
But at least Kubo is taking Gremmy's imagination one step higher / wilder. Cloning himself, creating life. I expected more from the imagination guy from the time he was introduced and when he claimed he is strong, and he is at least, delivering, in some ways.
Zaraki is delivering too, shikai. Yes.
But, Zaraki, just don't show everything you do in this fight, I want to see you against Bach ...
Then again, if Gremmy dies and Bach regains his power from Gremmy. O.o that's quite bad news no? Bach already can form stuff out of thin air using his own Quincy reiatsu manipulation. If he can receive's Gremmy's ability too ...