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Bleach 579 has been released.
I thought we were going to a new fight, but still on Gremmy, can he just die already. No one cares about you just die and let's move on to the next fight.
Could it be Yachiru doesn't excist, or at least the Yachiru we saw in the recent chapter isn't here, maybe she was illusion part of Gremmy trap to lure Kenpachi. 
So Kenpachi fought a kid, and now is going to fight a bunch of women, is Kubo just trolling with us with these Kenpachi opponents. After he defeats these women, who is going to fight next, a bunch of girl scouts?
I said after he defeats Gremmy, I want Kenpachi to have a more worthy opponent, that is not what I meant. And I know there are strong women out there, the first Kenpachi was a woman, but the fact that these women travel in a group and rely on numbers, doesn't give me much confidence in their individual strengh, if one lone woman was standing there wait for Kenpachi, I might feel differently.