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Bleach 581 has been released.
I sort of thought the comment from Hirako about Kenpachi having reitsu that is far more powerful than the rest of the Seireitei was weird, in my opinion. We all get Kenpachi has monstrous reitsu, but c'mon. Shunsui are Jushiro are two of the original captains. Their powers and abilities would be huge by comparison to the rest of the Gotei 13.
And have we ever clarified who the remaining Special War Powers were? We get it is Ichigo and Kenpachi, what about the other three? Was Aizen considered this or this that just fan speculation? Who are the other two then? Or is the SWP mean anything anymore?
Anywho, a decent chapter. A ton of teasing on Kubo's part for Ichigo's arrival. Kenpachi will be fine. He'll get all pumped up from being showupped by Ichigo and get pissed off by making him look bad. Then his fighting spirit will kick in again and BOOM! Kenny is back in action!
Kubo's To Do list:
One . Return Arrancars into the story.
2 . Return Ganju and Fullbringers into the story.
3 . Return Aizen into the story and explain what makes him still relevant.
4 . Reveal the remaining Sternritters' powers and introduce the yet unknown ones.
5 . Show the remaining bankais.
6 . Explain what the Special War Potentials are and reveal the two remaining ones.
7 . Reveal Yhwach's long-term goal (other than just staying alive).
8 . Reveal Uryu's goal.
9 . Explain Soul King's role.
10 . Rescue Harribel.
11 . Return Seireitei back to normal (if possible).
12 . Have Ichigo train to use his Quincy powers.
13 . Fight all the enemies!
14 . Final fight vs. Yhwach, or Soul King, or w / e.
And you are saying Bleach is ending simply because Ichigo has returned? Lol at you guys.