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Bleach 582 has been released.
Well, it is just his Shikai. We already knew basically what that looked like.
As for the guy talking, it appears to be Aizenquincy. AKA Askin something or other. So he might have a secret agenda, or he may just be referring to something about his power. Interesting.
I'm surprised it came out so early! Not terribly eventful, but it looks like the Girlritters are being set up as an actual fight for Ichigo, which was one of the major items on my wish list. And we see another reminder that, yes, Kubo is aware that Quincies are archers. Plus, Yhwach moving out, which I wasn't expecting this soon. From his phrasing, it sounds like he may have been specifically waiting for Ichigo to show up. Similarly, at least in the version that I read, Ichigo is named "the top of the Special War Potentials list." So he's even more important than Kenpachi or Aizen.
My biggest complaint? Ichigo tanking that blast. That's happened so many times now that it was ridiculous to play it up. Even the other Girlritters knew it wouldn't do shit. What's more, Kubo had done a pretty good job up until that point averting that Trope by having Ichigo use his speed to avoid their attacks.
All in all, I'm pleased with this chapter. I'd give it about a 6.5. Mainly because, while last week's chapter felt like "half updates, half filler," this one felt more like "single update filler."