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Bleach 583 has been released.
Seriously Ichigo is not done with these chicks. I thought the begining of the chapter Ichigo would have already defeated them, and if not defeat them in this chapter.
Come on Ichigo, I thought you weren't going to hold back. We don't have time for this. Unless one of these chicks looks like your mother or a close friend, I know one of the girls looks like Orihime, but it is never mention, so Kubo just has similar desigin with that, unless that is the case, than no excuse Ichigo, stump them.
To me, this was a good chapter, almost perfect. The only thing that doesn't make it a 10 for me is Ichigo being boring. Not talking about his new technique, no; it's his lack of lines and detachment from this fight. If he isn't taking the girls seriously because he is much stronger than them, why not end the fight quickly and find more important enemies? What does he plan to do in this battle, anyway? Go straight after Yhwach? Look for anyone who needs help?
At least the girls are hilarious and full of energy, or else this would be as bad as Kenpachi vs. Gremmy. Or the Mask fight. And look at this, Candice has a reason to win! When was the last time in Bleach people fought to accomplish a goal, other than just get their opponent killed? I think it was Ichigo and Aizen's final fight. So yeah, Kubo is finally putting effort in Quincies, they start to feel like living persons.