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Bleach 585 has been released.
Okay mention the Soul King that gets me excited. I do think Jurabach is not the villain, I think after he is defeating, the Soul King he is the last guy Ichigo has to fight in the series.
All through this chapter, whille all these Sternreiter kept attackign Ichigo I was yelling "won't someone help Ichigo, he has to do it all by himself, come on you lazy bums help Ichigo." and Sure enough help arrivies finally.
Yumichika vs Candice, that has to happen, if that doesn't happen I am going to Japan to talk to Kubo.
I think are going to pad out the chapters, we might not see Ichigo for a long time.
One. So Juha Bach is after the soul king after all. Why does Juha (Previously Aizen) wanted to fight the soul king that bad?
2. For Ichigo to fight Juha straight away, almost like the arc is coming to its end soon. But It would not be that easy, Ichigo would have to face ishida & hashwalth. For this somebody might show up for assistance? most likely kyoraku, he got to finish his fight with hashwalth?
3. And for Ichigo to clash with ishida, I wonder how that would unfold ...
4. What happen to zaraki, do you think we will see some more action from him?