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Bleach 586 has been released.
What about this chapter. 
When did Orihime and Chado change their outfits, maybe it is something like Ichigos because Urahara know so much about SK and maybe he is ouken (who knows). I wanted to see more of this fights, Ikkaku looks strong, he destroyed building with one slash of his shikai. 
  Funny part is how Yumichika reacted to what Ikkaku said. And ending like Uryuu is trying to do something alone without Ichigo and he wants him to be protected or something like that, noone knows what Uryuu wants to do. 
Well, I guess Ichigo really isn't going to meet Juha yet then. 
Thanks Kubo for giving Bleach more time. I was getting worried about it ending. Thank you for proving me wrong. 
That said, good to see two more Hueco Mundo visitors arriving at the battle. 
Inb4 former Espada 6. 
And I guess the reason Ichigo stopped pursuing totally is that the emotional effect from a friend attacking him .. stopped him? 
Though I feel that Uryuu's attack seemed quite low level, unless it was Orihime who levelled up a lot.