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Bleach 587 has been released.
I like this chapter. I personally thought it would be focussed on something else and was a little bit dissappointed, but liked it though after rereading it all. Love the funny conversation between Renji and Bazz-B, their personality is quite the same, except Bazz-B is more brutal then Renji. "Chicken head" and "cool eyebrows" was the funniest heheheh. 
One thing that I didn't like was Renji already using his bankai, when both Renji and Rukia were there facing one opponent in Vollstandig: (I would've liked them using their Shikai, untill the second SR confront them. It would be funny though if Rukia and Renji's only opponent would be Bazz-B. 
The way I put it, "The Arrancar are stronger, but the Quincies have the cheat codes." Trying to analyze the power of each Sternritter compared to the Arrancar is a complete pain in the ass, so I'm not going to go there, but do you really think "The Roar" or "The Question" could tango with most of the Espada? Shit, Kirge, generally regarded as one of the stronger Sternritter, got his ass handed to him by Ayon. Sure, Ayon's a monster, but he's no Ulquiorra. 
As far as Bazz-B goes, Kubo seems to like him, so he could be really powerful. And he probably has at least a "Burner Finger 10," if not a "Full Body Burn." Either way, a ridiculous amount of fire which apparently only seems to increase his power. But still, the strongest Espada were able to handle multiple Captains at once, even when some were "top tier." So, if I see him at least take on someone of very high level, then he'll have my attention.
Oh and now is the time to see 0 division in action, right? After all thet's their job, right? I wonder if we will ever see Soul king. And actually see why the fu*k is every villan in this manga traing to pay him a visit.