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Bleach 515 has been released.


Whoa that's bad, actually I thought it will be worse so I'm kinda in ease. After all Kenpachi and Byakuya are not death witch is good. I really thought it's impossible for Kenpachi to die, but I was not sure for Byakuya.

 Btw do you know that line of Kempachi ” If violence is not solving all of your problems. You are simply not using it enough of it.”Ohhh I love that moron, so glad that he's not death!!!!!

 Oh and did you see that they didn’t found captain commander’s body so there's still a small chance that he survived. Still the hardest part is that some of the Captains don't have their bankais any more . :/ And those quences are just too f****g powerful. Everybody need to level up if they want to fight them.

 Anyway soul society is a mess!!! Wonder what will happen next. As far as I know I'll bet 100 golden leprechaun coins that Ichigo will go do something dump, get beaten, then level up with some quences power(probably Ishida will help him) and go save the day. Can't wait for the next Chapter >:)

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What happens next?

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