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Whoooooooo can’t wait for the next chapter. This one was pretty interesting. So let we say what happened so far. Ichigo broke his zampaktu, in its bankai form. So now he is pretty screwed cuz he may never be able to fix it. Though I think that he probably will.

Finally the zero division reveal. If you  don't remember there was a word or two for them in the beginning. When Kurosaki invaded soul society( ahahahahaha when I think about it now hhahahaha Ichigo alone to think he can invade all soul society its just ridiculous. But in the end he really did which was even more ridiculous. That puts a smile on my face.) one of the captains just joint the zero division or else cold the knights of the soul king. Wonder if we are gonna be able to see him to. And to think that the power of 5 shinigamis surpass the power of all 13 divisions is just freaking COOL. I really hope to see them kick some quency asses.

 Even thought nobody of the captains looked so thrilled to see them. So that makes me wonder if they are all so good and nice and want to help. But this kind of stuff makes me want to read Bleach even more. I guess Tite Kubo still has some aces in his slave for this story.

 And last but not least Kon is back with some mussels (or not) hahahaha. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!

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What happens next?

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