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Bleach 517 has been released.


Hohoho So this is the zero division. They look funny haha I guess they are not that of a bad, still they can probably beat  the shit out of everybody in gotey 13. But why  didn't they take Kempach too? And what do they want from Ichigo and Tensa Zangetsu?

 My guess is that they are gonna help Ichigo fix his zanpaktu. Wonder if we will get to see the Soul King. I'm sure he will look really funny.  Unohana's teacher seemed like a asshole to me. It seemed like Unohana actually wanted to bankai his ass .Do you think Kubo likes Led Zeppelin? Hahaha

 Coud they be abble to give Rukia, Byakuya and Renji theeit powers back. Actually when I think about it now. Only Byakuya lost his bankay from the ones they took. If their purpose was to help them give their bankays back they should  have  took The other Capitains who lost their bankays. Cant wait for the next chapter. And to see what the message from Hueko Mundo is.

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What happens next?

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