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Bleach 518 has been released.


Finally Grimmjow is back alive and well. And Urahara is with him, super cool I almost thought that Kubo forgot about him. Btw Ganju looks like he did some level up since the last time when he was.......ummmm pretty much useless but with a desire to help. And who was that with him Tsukishima, Griko and Ginjo??????

 Why did he bring the Fullbringers back. My guess is that Grimjow leveled up too and saved Urahara and the others. Bet Uncle is crying right now :D

 Thought I knew it, that Ichigo would go with them to fix his zampaktou. I wonder what is that super special Reijutsu that the bold guy is thalking about. I guess we will live and read and see. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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What happens next?

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