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Bleach 519 has been released.

Hah what's up with this guys anyway? The Zero division seems like a bunch of clowns. Hah and that hot spring and the name just hilarious. But any way it seems like he will be able to cure Bqakuqa and Renji and Rukia. Sentouki demon of the hot spring wather. I can't stop wandering why they didn't take Kempachi with them?

 But this chapter was pretty cool we even was able to catch a glimpse of the king of souls. Freakey eyes. But how do you become King of Souls in the first place.

 The important things in the chapter was this facts:

 -Ichigo's wounds are gonna get treated.

-They are gonna fix the others too.

-For some reason Urohara was in Sentouki's place (seance he analogized the water)  

-The Quences are more dangerous than Aisen.

-Apparently Ichigo is gonna visit all of the zero division cities ore at least more that just this one.

-The King is awake( really want to see what kind of person h is.)Read Bleach online for free.


What happens next?

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