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Bleach 520 has been released.


Wohooooo big news so it looks like Captain Unohara is the original Kempachi. In case you don't know that's the name that they give only to the most powerful shinigami's. Now I really want to know what is her bankai like.

  Now that I think about it we never saw her rise her hand to anyone. Not even Aisen, she really must be the real deal since Kempachi is that powerful and he does not have connection whit his  zanpaktu. Any way Unohara is probably from the original 13 division who were considered demons and when I look at the look of her face I can see why. She gives me goosebumps.

 We also learn why they didn't take Zaraki with them. The dude, was perfectly fine, just chilling in sou society, waiting for something  worth to kill.

  Love the transportation method in Kings place. But Ichigo seriously he really did grow. And for someone to sat that the king can fall for him. He too is the real deal.

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What happens next?

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