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Bleach 499 has been released.


The lastest chapter finish with SOS message is send to Ichigo Kurosaki. He is send to Soul Society. Ichigo definitely can save it.

Casualties are 2245 soldiers, 16 seats, 1 vice-captain whose Reiatsu vanish. Lots of buildings are also damaged. The vice-captain is neither Rukia Kuchiki nor Renji Abarai.

In the enemy army there are at least 16 individuals who are captain-rank, if not superior. They call themselves Sturnritter and wear typical white quincy outfits. The enemy is able to steal a Bankai. This information comes  from the captains of the 2nd, 6th, 7th and 10th division, who are stolen their Bankai already.

There are 3 quincy abilities mainly worth mentioning. The first one is Quincy vollstanding, the second one is what they called Blut, the third and the most important is the Stealing of the Bankai. They use their metallic plate to steal Bankai.

In the end Ichigo Kurosaki is catched in a dark cage. He can`t protect Soul Society and he will watch how it will be destroyed unable to get out.

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